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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ghetto Wire @ the little shoppe

Buying a wire and bead flower or keyring at the robot has long been part of the commutor experience in South Africa.  In the last 10 years wire and bead creations have become part of our everyday. 

However in the last 5 years this art form has taken the world by storm.  Exported to the corners of the world, from London to Moscow, wire is making itself know as an art form that is here to stay. 

Meet our local lads - Farayi Mukonde and Bongani Chenera.  Partners in the Ghetto Wire studio of THE LITTLE SHOPPE AND STUDIO they have shaped and plastered just about anything you can imagine out of galvanised wire.  From key rings to a 2m giraffe, life size warthog and 2m x 2m wall map for the Cape Whale Coast DMO stall - they do it all !! 

Their studio is open from Monday to Friday 9 - 5 and Sat 10 - 1.  If you have an idea, pop in for a cup of coffee or tea and a creative brainstorming session. And if you should ask them if it's possible, you'd probably hear something along these lines:  "of course, anything is possible.... somethings just take a little longer.  Sit down, let's hear what you're thinking..."

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