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Saturday, May 7, 2011

White Plastic.... lights from milkbottles

One of the great fun things we do it to design and produce product from discarded items.
Milkbottles are the current materials we are working with and we LOVE the effect.
The bottles are collected and cleaned, cut into pieces and sprayed with a soft lavender water.
They are then hand cut into flowers of all sizes.  This is what makes each one SO unique, no two will ever be exactly the same :)

Lampshades are either recycled, hand shaped / welded to fit your specifications, old base.
The lining is knitted with a soft wire, and beads added to the wire gives the light
a shine on the inside as the beads sparkle.

Each flower is attached with a bead and piece of wire to the lining and VOILA... the most delightful effect where the flowers overlap and create textured shadows.

To order yours or to attend a creativity workshop to learn how to make your own - drop us a line or pop in at the studio for a brainstorm / creativity planning session

Love and Light xx

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